About MCCG

Imagine being served with a lawsuit in which it is alleged that through your negligence a tenant or homebuyer became exposed to mold, suffers illness and seeks millions in damages. The claim is sent to your insurance carrier who responds that mold related personal injury claims are excluded from coverage. Your legal counsel then explains the potential cost of defense and risk of an adverse jury verdict.

The Mold Claims Consulting Group, LLC (MCCG) was organized in 2008 to offer owners and property managers with consulting services related to the avoidance of mold claims.

MCCG has enlisted a team of professionals who are specialized in landlord and tenant law, residential new construction sales, property management, indoor air quality assessment and mold remediation. We offer advice in maintenance, inspections, rental forms and lease agreements, management contracts, remediation protocols and guides for risk avoidance. See links to How We Can Assist and Self Evaluation to see if you're at risk and how we can help.